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A Checkpoint On The Portfolio

|Includes: AWK, D, Alphabet Inc. (GOOG), MA, SH

With earnings reports abound, I thought I'd take a little time to analyze the current position of each stock in my organization's portfolio. We will be discussing GOOG, MA, SH, D, and AWK.


goog chart

This quarter, advertisement department growth was only at 7%, just reported today. Still, with Google being such a big company compared to the other ones in this portfolio, such an event will have a decent-sized short term-effect (as within 1 market day), but negligible long-term effect. Despite some volatility, Google is still a fairly conservative investment due to the size of the company.


ma chart

Today has been a good day for Mastercard, no doubt. The EPS was beat by $0.66, and at the same time the expected revenue was surpassed by $.1 billion. As usual, this gave way to a surge in the stock's value. As a result the stock was up 2.3% today, despite a federal restriction on transaction charges also occurring today.

Proshares Short S&P 500 ETF

sh chart

This stock more than the others is more dependant on the macro-market. It really reflects on the company as a whole. My organization originally invested in it about 18 months ago to bet against the market. However given today's macro-market it is at first glance questionable whether this is a good stock to hold right now. More analysis on the S & P 500 would be necessary to make a final decision.


d chart

Dominion is a rather slow-moving stock for the time being, especially compared to technology titan Google, and the beta of Dominion is a very low 0.13. However increased interest rates have meant a hard hit for companies in the utilities sector such as Dominion.

American Water Works Company

awk chart

From the chart alone things look golden for this company, with a nice regular dividend on top of that. Its most recent dividend was 28 cents. When we bought this stock early in 2013, the transaction fee was quickly nullified by such dividends, and we have made close to 30% return on the stock since. It is also due for an earnings report soon, so that may cause additional movement in the stock price.

My final one-word current opinions on these companies:







The website gave me the data I needed, as well as charts.

Disclosure: I am long GOOG, SH, AWK, D, MA.

Additional disclosure: My organization is focused on long-term investing, so based on your investment goals and other holdings in your portfolio, these may not all be smart investment plays for you.