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Time To Sell UGA

|Includes: The United States Gasoline ETF, LP (UGA)

At this point I am thinking that if you have shares in UGA at this point, it is time to sell, as I feel that it is going to turn directions from earlier this year.

Below is a line graph of UGA from between the start of 2012 and today:

This kind of looks like the peak of a mountain formed early this month, and it seems that it is already descending. Likewise, the 6-month graph also shows this, but also shows a drop in UGA in the first half of the time frame:

Also, it helps to look at the Candlestick Graph of UGA for this year so far:

The reason I want to include this is because it shows that the last three market days have all been bearish for UGA. In fact, for 2012, the "three-bearish-days-in-a-row" pattern increased in frequency through the entire year. If this pattern continues, we will see a very large number of bearish days in UGA's near future, putting a heavy toll on anybody with shares in UGA should they continue to possess them.

If desired, you can look at further Candlestick Graphs of UGA to get a wider or narrower understanding of a certain part of the graph. Looking at a 3-year Candlestick Graph can lead to similar analyses and argument.

This is plentiful evidence for me to conclude that UGA is acting too bearish to be a safe stock to have in your portfolio.

Note: Thanks to for providing the graphs.