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Arena Disclosures And Setting The Record Straight

|Includes: Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARNA)

In my coverage of Arena I try to be as completely objective as I can be. I am invested in the company, but do not let that stand in the way of what and how I report. That concept may seem odd to some, but I believe in integrity and do not sell out to anyone or anything, and that includes my own investment.

Over time I have seen various accusations innuendo and flat out lies stated about me. This FUD is deplorable, but I do need to defend myself. It has gone so far as to have a Motley Fool contributor that writes about Arena to coyly phrase his statements in a manner so that, in my opinion, he can deny having actually said these things.

Now, I would be foolish to write what I am writing below if it were not true.

Spencer is Matt Osborne - This is not at all true. Matt Osborne is/was a contributor to Seeking Alpha, but he is not me and I am not him. I do not know him, nor am I related in any way.

Spencer Is Reasonable Risk - This is not at all true. Reasonable Risk is a contributor to Seeking Alpha, but he is not me and I am not him. I have no relation to him, nor do I know him beyond the contributions he makes to this site.

Spencer Writes Under More than One Name - I have written under 2 names. Tyler Savery, and Spencer Osborne. When I first started writing I used a pen name (many people do). A few years ago I decided to drop the pen name and use my real name. I have made no secret of that, and even disclosed the fact in a movie as well as websites.

Spencer Osborne Posts on Message Boards -I do not post on any message boards. If I were to ever post on a message board I would clearly identify myself. I have no intent on any message board postings.

Spencer has only 1 share of Arena - This is a popular one. People, including the Motley Fool contributor, will insinuate that I have 1, or only a few shares of Arena for the purpose of being able to say I am long. I do not play those games, but those alleging things like this are playing games. I hold what I consider to be an appropriate number of shares to suit my portfolio, risk tolerance, and investment goals. My disclosure that I am long ARNA is 100% accurate.

Spencer is short ARNA - I an not short ARNA, nor have I ever shorted the equity. All of my trades (including opinions and/or bonds are fully disclosed.

Spencer is A Vivus Investor - I have no position in Vivus, nor have I ever had a position in Vivus

Spencer has his friends, family, or associates trade for him - I do not discuss what I write with any of these people, nor do they do any trading at my behest, for my benefit or their own.

Spencer is Paid To write - The only payment I receive is from Seeking Alpha and is disclosed. I receive no payment or consideration for anything I write outside of what Seeking Alpha pays.

I will add to this list as appropriate.

Disclosure: I am long ARNA.