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Life Happens

Life Happens. That is how I started lecture today, at high school, to Finance I students. I said those two words because of multiple reasons, the biggest of which was a change in the regularly scheduled lesson planning. Originally we were to investigate, research and discuss the differences between and pros and cons of public and private companies. Then I looked at Facebook...

Yesterday I received two messages, both from former students, now in their early twenties. One was in regards to wishing he paid more attention and wanting me to share with current students the importance of my class and why they should pay attention now so as to avoid making the same mistakes he did, and one from a former student who will be interning in Finance at a Fortune 500 company and was only one of two people in the entire country offered said position. He wrote that he instantly thought of me and my classes and wanted to thank me. I discussed both messages with my current classes, changed lesson plans on the fly, and overall just felt the gratification only a teacher or coach could feel.

I then went to my "Seeking Alpha" home page to see what was going on today and what current events/earnings/announcements I could use and discuss in Finance II, a stock market only class (Finance I is the basics). I came upon an article discussing how one can still retire early..Maybe. I skimmed through. To me, the comments are usually where it's at (I dangled. I'm aware and ok with it :)

I read comment after comment about how this should be "taught at the high school level". Couple that with Cramer's rant not too long ago about how kids will learn so many languages leaving school except for Financial literacy, and I decide to reply. I mostly keep it simple with "it is being taught at the HS level. I've been doing it for over a decade." Honestly, the font size doesn't exist for me to scream it as loud as I want. A commenter recommends I start blogging, to which my reply is, "I wouldn't know who to contact and, to be honest, am too busy teaching Finance to find out :)"

With the commenter's assistance, I was directed here. So, to any and everyone who wonders why this is not being taught at the high school level, with as much voice over the keyboard I can muster, I tell you this:

It is, and it's awesome.

So, know that there's at least one high school in the country (I'm sure there's more) that knows its importance and one teacher who loves spreading the knowledge.

Because life happened.