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Market's action on Monday and what it means going forward

You all know that the S&P closed above its 200 SMDA (Simple Moving Average) and now we have both Nasdaq and S&P above the 200 SMDA. The Dow is all but a stone's throw from the 200 SMDA. Now even the most bearish will admit that all technical indicators favor a continuing rally.

What this means is you reload on pullback and focus on what are called reflation trades. In other words the trades that have worked from the beginning of the rally. Oil, commodities, Gold and Silver, techs.... Every pullback may be used by those that were deserted by the rally to get back on the train. Unfortunately since many people have different thresholds there may be loads of investors trying to get on before any decent pullback could occur which means there likely won't be any meaningful pullbacks! But you never know! A slightly worse piece of news causes the markets to do a kneejerk reaction to the south and therein you may have a buying opportunity!