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An Integrated BioSci Research On Insmed: Will ALIS Procure A Positive Regulatory Outcome?

|About: Insmed Incorporated (INSM)

Insmed is an innovator seeking to service the rare disease markets with high unmet needs.

The stock enjoyed significant gains for the past year. Nevertheless, there are much further upsides.

Other pipeline molecules are quite interesting and deserve further investigation.

Financials are also favorable.

We feature an analysis on whether the upcoming catalyst for amikacin liposome inhalation suspension (“ALIS”) can induce a rally in next two to three months.

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Insmed (NASDAQ:INSM) is an intriguing company brought to our attention by a member of the Integrated BioSci Investing (“IBI”) community. As a growth bioscience, Ismed is targeting several promising rare diseases. If the developing franchises prove to be successful, Insmed can become a multi-bagger investment. In observing the share price movement for the past 52-week, we noticed that the stock has enjoyed a gain of $7.63. It is currently exchanging hands at $24.98 for +43.9% profits for the said period. Despite the significant appreciation, we’ll assess whether there are further upsides via a fundamental analysis. Moreover, we’ll focus on the upcoming catalyst, ALIS for non-tuberculous mycobacterial lung infections.

Figure 1: Insmed stock chart. (Source: StockCharts)

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