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Happy National Teach Children to Save Day

When my nephew was a little boy, he used to ask his mom (my sister) and dad about going to the grocery store to get money. What he wanted was a trip to the ATM machine (by the veggies counter). Type a few numbers and voila - lots of green things to buy toys. How amazing!

Alas, young men and women grow into adults who work, pay taxes and hopefully save for vacation, a new home and retirement. Unfortunately, mounting per capita debt makes it harder to plump the coin jar, regardless of discipline. According to Owen and Payne, we each owe $184,000. Ouch!

Looking on the bright side, getting started early is a good idea. Kudos to the ABA Education Foundation for creating National Teach Children to Save Day - April 21, 2009 this year. The goal is to teach youngsters about "four important money choices: SAVE, SPEND, DONATE and INVEST."

Kiddies - just remember. Too much government pork robs you little ones of enough disposable income to add to Mr. Piggy Bank (but that's a topic for another day).