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Ormp Is Not A Threat To MNKD's Afreeza For Some Time If At All.

  • ORMP is not a threat to MNKD's Afreeza for quite some time if at all. ORMP has yet to begin FDA 3 studies and Afreeza is more than just an inhaled version of insuln. Its patented insulin is "prandial" meaning it mimics the natural insulin faster and more like the kind the human pancreas delivers. The "dreamboat" inhaler less than palm size, can be adapted to many other drug delivery systems, for future revenue opportunities.

    Afreeza is ready to go now and anxiously awaited by those that were trial subjects in the FDA 3 trials. Afreeza was almost approved before except for a request to test their newly introduced tiny inhaler which was done with FDA cooperation. Finally this market is huge and various combinations of treatments will be worked out between Doctor and patient. As with asthmatics many patients will no doubt become comfortable with the inhaler long before ORMP's drug hits the market and will stick with it's convenience and fast action.

  • In an Interview dated Jan 24, 2014 Search for "Maintaining Glucose Control at Mealtime" Diabetes Care net interviewed Dr. Howard Zisser - MD, director of research and technology at the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, in collaboration with the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) in collaboration with the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) - about the ultra-rapid inhaled insulin in collaboration with a artificial pancreas in a clinical study, which was funded by JDRF.

    Below are the comments about the study's results:

    1) JDRF's Aaron Kowalski, PhD, vice president of treatment therapies, stated, quote the early results of this exciting study are compelling. While more data are required, this protocol represents a potentially revolutionary way of combining the artificial pancreas with a simple-to-use inhaled insulin (Afreeza) to significantly improve blood sugar levels.

    2) Dr. Zisser: quote The inhaled insulin gives us another arrow in our quiver-so to speak-to manage diabetes. I think it will be a great drug, especially for type 2 diabetes. Glucose monitoring has gotten much better and people can see how their decisions and activities affect their glucose in real time. Not only the value, but what direction it's heading in, and with this learning, make better decisions in their care.

    I'm long MNKD.

Disclosure: I am long MNKD.