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Salesforce Suffers A Widespread Outage On May 17, 2019

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Outage began around 9:30 AM ET, affecting numerous SFDC instances.

Root cause appears to be related to improperly granted permissions during an internal deployment for their Pardot B2B product.

This outage appears to be more wide-reaching compared to other recent, minor outages.

According to, there's currently a large-scale outage affecting portions of Salesforce's SaaS platform that has not been resolved as of 3:15 PM ET.  CRM stock is down 2.65% to $154.30 as of that time.

The Salesforce Technology team is investigating an issue impacting Salesforce customers who use Pardot, or have used Pardot in the past. The deployment of a database script resulted in granting users broader data access than intended. To protect our customers, we have blocked access to all instances that contain impacted customers until we can complete the removal of the inadvertent permissions in the impacted customer orgs. As a result, customers who were not impacted may experience service disruption. In parallel, we are working to restore the original permissions as quickly as possible. Customers should continue to check Trust for updates.

The following are some curated tweets illustrating why the outage may be more severe than other recent outages.  There is currently a lack of coverage in the broader media.

Salesforce outage tweet by Sara McNamara

Salesforce outage tweet

Salesforce outage tweet by OlsonAH82

List of potentially affected instances (source:

NA42, NA44, NA51, NA33, CS21, CS25, CS26, CS30, CS50, CS51, CS53, CS60, CS13, NA63, CS12, CS23, CS52, CS54, CS59, CS138, CS99, NA146, NA92, NA56, NA50, NA57, NA49, CS97, CS93, CS79, CS78, CS67, CS66, CS47, NA58, CS18, CS64, CS65, CS77, CS98, CS11, CS10, CS9, NA32, NA68, NA62, NA37, CS70, CS71, CS90, CS20, CS19, NA77, NA72, NA65, NA46, NA66, CS84, CS85, EU7, CS91, CS61, CS62, CS63, CS68, CS69, NA155, NA196, NA99, CS17, CS16, CS15, CS14, NA87, NA86, NA78, NA74, NA73, EU8, EU9, EU12, EU13, EU14, EU15, CS7, NA39, NA40, NA76, NA88, NA45, NA47, NA52, NA53, NA54, NA59, NA60, NA61, NA64, NA67, NA79, CS8, CS94, CS95, CS96

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