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How Many IPhones Can Apple Sell In 8 Days? Wrong Question!

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Analysts have bandied about some estimates like 10 million to 13 million sales of Iphone 5 in the time remaining for the September Quarter which is 8 days until the 28th of the month! And they have added to this the estimated 15 million sales of 4s to come up with 28 million phone sales for the September Quarter..

However, the reports I am getting say that the pre-order function on the apple web store have stopped promising launch day delivery for those customers who put their orders in outside of the first hour after the start of availability!

At the same time, some of these analysts are celebrating the very aggressive launch schedule, of 31 countries by the 28th of September, which supposedly is proof that the prior months' supply concerns relative to displays and chips were actually unfounded! But going by the logic of this proof, they could have made the launch even more aggressive by simply promising launch day delivery only to those putting their orders in the first half hour, but in 62 countries!

If Apple delivers the phones outside of the September window, can those sales that ship for arrival after September be included as current Quarter sales? And if they can't what kind of miss can we hope to get in earnings? Points to ponder...