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Don't Hate Apple: Hate The Cleaning Lady!

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Apple is a wonderful company with wonderful products, where people work very hard to keep deadlines and deliver novel gadgets that have become the object of some of the most numerous proponents of wall street games: The prediction game! The Apple employees just plug away and do these things year after year, and what thanks do they get from the investing community? Just get cursed when the particular period is slow and the next product is still far away: The stock slips during these periods and all the Apple doomsayers get their mojo on and start their reminders of the Father's death.

But is Apple really Apple to be blamed for these slow periods? Clearly no. After all these workers need their time to catch their breath! It's not easy to bring product after product through all the stages of design and production at the expected times.

So who's really to blame for these wild swings that hurt Apple investors so cruelly? I tell you it's the "Cleaning Lady"! She comes around April or May to certain hedge funds that have built too much clutter in their offices and they must call her for her usual spring cleaning! She's quite a monster: she'll throw everything out! The baby with the bathwater. Indiscriminate selling! She'll take about a month, she'll clean the pipes, throw out old furniture and by the time she's done, everything is fresh in those offices and new! Oh! and she will also buy back all the stock with cost bases 15% cheaper.

She came back this year and she's a force to be reckoned with! She doesn't come cheap but her price is well worth it to those hedge funds! Call me if you need to hire her for next year! ;)