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Capturing Volatility With An Iron Condor On RUT

|Includes: iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM)


RUT 1230/1240C 910/900P expr. 02/19/2016.

46 Day trade that captures 3.5% yield.

Conservative trade because of high Implied Volatility.

2016 is off to an ominous start and this trade generates a modest return with a conservative Iron Condor trade. With Implied Volatility over 20 I was able to sell a 1230/1240 Call at .15 (that's $150 for every $10,000 frozen with broker) and a 910/900 Put at .20 (that's $200 for every $10,000 frozen with broker). What this means is that if RUT doesn't go up 10.77% or down 18.05% in the next 46 days then the 3.50% in premium that I collected up-front will become free and clear. This strategy generates a peristent return in all kinds of markets and performs even better during times of high volatility.

Symbol RUT
Implied Volatility 21.01%
Current Price $1110.44
Analysis Date 01/05/2016
Exp Date 02/19/2016
Days to Exp 46

Trade Info: Strike Price % away from current Delta Value Standard Deviations away

Short Call 1230 10.77% .0291 1.44355146864196

Short Put 910 18.05% .0342 2.42008578433084

Call Condor credit: 0.15

Put Condor Credit: 0.20

Total Credit: 0.35

Total Yield: 3.50%

Note that our short strikes are past their 1st Standard Deviations

Note that our short strikes are past their 1st Standard Deviations

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Additional disclosure: I placed this trade in my account 1/5/2016