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This Option Trade May Generate 2.50% Yield If The SPX Does This...

|Includes: SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

In this trade we sold simultaneous Call and Put credit spreads on the S&P 500. Essentially, if the S&P 500 does not go above 2190 (which is above it's all-time high) or below 1830 before the clock runs out (which is 33 days) then I will keep the up-front premium that I collected which is 2.02% of my trading capital. The details are below. Also note the resistance line I drew on chart below.

Symbol SPX
Implied Volatility 11.20%
Current Price $2094.34
Analysis Date 4/18/2016
Exp Date 05/20/2016
Days to Exp 33

Trade Info: Strike Price % away from current Delta Value Standard Deviations away

Short Call 2190 4.57% .0498 1.35629646153748

Short Put 1830 12.62% .0247 3.747892606

Call Condor credit: 0.15

Put Condor Credit: 0.10

Insurance Put debit spread: N/A

Total Credit: 0.25

Total Yield: 2.50%

SPX Trendline 5-20-16

Additional disclosure: I made this trade today 4/18/2016