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Alternatives To BT Landlines

It was 1912 when the General Post Office took over as the primary supplier of telecommunications services to Britain, and remained so until Margret Thatcher's government privatised the increasingly expansive telecommunications department and, under the British Telecommunications Act 1981, became the BT we know today. Although nationalised and exposed to any competition that might come their way, BT still retained dominance over the market because they had already laid all of the phone lines so it has taken a very long time for competition to grow as well as for public perception of BT's traditional dominance to change.

It is thought that still 73% of UK homes are still supplied landlines by BT, after years of growing competition that is still an immense figure.

So the chances are that if you haven't gone to the trouble of changing your landline is some time then it is supplied by BT. One of the main chunks toward the size of your bill comes from line rental, you could be charged upwards of £16, which over the course of a year's worth of service will really add up. Could then switching from BT save you money? Or are the alternative services for cheap landlines less reliable than BT who we have all been with for so long?

The fact is that BT are in fact one of the most expensive providers, it would seem that the smug feeling of controlling 73% of British home phones has led them into excess. It might be surprising to hear that there are in fact many competing companies, there are as many as 18 home phone companies that can provide landline and call services and, in an effort to compete, they can be as much as £5 cheaper.

A range of companies such as Primus and YourCalls can provide simple reduced monthly bills, but one of the real advantages of switching to another company is that many offer more tailored and efficient packages. BT only offer two calling plans, but the breadth of variety in human kind is infinitely broader than that, other firms can offer call plans that cater to people who might make more calls in the day than the evening, or just to a couple of specific numbers, or perhaps even overall saving deals to someone that will use their phone constantly.

It can definitely be worth taking the time to consider alternatives to BT, finding companies with cheaper bills and more personally tailored packages can be a real money saver. Remember that once your contract ends, you are no longer tied to a given provider, so make sure they are still offering the best deal for your needs.

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