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Alpha Deal Group Introduces The Sector 100 Micro-Cap And Small-Cap Candidates

Alpha Deal Group's Buy-Side Intelligence Team will present a series of Buy-Side corporate presentations, due diligence calls and CEO profiles in introducing our emerging 100 micro-cap and small-cap company candidates in the leading market sectors we cover in the coming months.

Market Sectors include:

  • The Alpha Deal Group Mining 100
  • The Alpha Deal Group Life Sciences 100
  • The Alpha Deal Group Technology 100
  • The Alpha Deal Group Oil and Gas 100
  • The Alpha Deal Group Alternative Energy 100
  • The Alpha Deal Group Industry and Infrastructure 100

The nomination process is now open for consideration and company representatives or Buy-Side analysts are encouraged to send the nominating company contact details by email to:

More information on Alpha Deal Group, LLC and the Sector 100 focus companies can be obtained at the web address:

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