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Alpha Deal Group Presents: Macquarie Atlas Roads (ASX:MQA)

Alpha Deal Group's Buy-Side Intelligence Team's most recent due diligence call with Industry and Infrastructure Sector Focus 100 Candidate: Macquarie Atlas Roads (ASX:MQA) is now available on Alpha Deal Group's Youtube Channel for review.

During our first due diligence call with the Macquarie Atlas Roads, Peter Trent, CEO, and Mary Nicholson, CFO, provide our Analysts on the call with a unique walk through of the company with an informative question and answer session following their presentation.

To listen to the Macquarie Atlas Roads (ASX:MQA) presentation please turn to Alpha Deal Group's Industry and Infrastructure Youtube Channel:

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Alpha Deal Group's Buy-Side Intelligence Team will present a series of Buy-Side corporate presentations, due diligence calls and CEO profiles in introducing our emerging 100 micro-cap and small-cap company candidates in the leading market sectors we cover in the coming months.

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