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Is It Possible To Avoid Fashion And Still Function In Society?

Unless you're willing to go as far as living as a hermit in a cave deep within the heart of Siberia, it is impossible to avoid the desperately demanding calls of the fashion. It has become an industry worth many billions of pounds across the globe and is always attempting to manipulate our personal images.

The fashion industry might seem like the ultimate expression of the needless extravagance, the function of clothes has changed from the functional clothes like a cape to keep warm as we huddle together around a fire in our ancient tribal community. Now we have accessories like the neck tie, an entirely functionless strip of fabric demanding a horrendously complicated system of knotting all for the purpose of looking uniformly boring in an office environment.

Peacocks strut everywhere, showing off their style and their disposable incomes. Every idol in our eyes is a paragon of fashion, and everyone we meet displays an image defined by the clothes they wear.

So is there any way of avoiding this cynical rigmarole?

The shallow high street chains can certainly be avoided, second hand and charity shops are both convenient and often present better value for money. Charity shops will only sell decent quality clothes and will do so at much lower prices. Perhaps this can be a viable alternative to the shallow existence of chasing fashion?

Problem is, charity shop chic has become a fashion in itself. A selection of hipsters, desperate to seem cooler than mainstream existence have taken it upon themselves to create an image from the ramshackle, practical and cheap clothes they have been able to find.

It is unfortunately unavoidable, every time we go to buy clothes we are presented with a choice and our decision as to how to present ourselves is what makes fashion. Even the decision to not follow fashion becomes the fashion of no having no fashion. A decision as simple as whether or not to brush your hair in the morning will subtly influence the way people around will see you.

So, if every decision we make unavoidably influences our appearance and our appearance dictates how the world will perceive us, then why not embrace it?

A little extra consideration can make sure that our fashion decision aren't made in ignorance, we can be in control of our image, whether you decide you like Ted Baker or Converse the choice is yours to define your own fashion image without just following the flock into uniformity.

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