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Irene: Self-reliance Lesson

The self-reliance so common in the US before the 1960's has been displaced by centralized power and a monolithic dependence on imported oil (oil's Potato Famine potential). Most people do not have more than a weeks food. Dependence on Just-in-Time delivery of electricity, food, water and jobs is the norm.

Irene is likely to disrupt power for more than a week. She is likely to disrupt 7% of US oil refining and 400,000 barrels a day of gasoline imports and distribution. The food system may be disrupted for more than two weeks.

Irene seem about to teach the US, the lesson Japan is learning after the recent tsunami, distributed systems, self-reliance has an economic value not appreciated by government central planning of infrastructure.

As happened after 1984 in communications, over the next decade there will be a dramatic shift in the archicture of power and transportation from centralized to distributed. Personal Energy Servers will be as common as Personal Computers.  Here are some early guesses at technologies: Victory Gardens, King Power, Knowledge Publications, Millienum Reign Energy, SkyTran, Taxi2000, ET3, VectusPRT, ULTraPRT and MisterPRT. My efforts are in JPods, Distributed Grid and Soleil Micro.

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