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New Daily Report!

Dear Seeking Alpha Followers,

Thank you for following InsiderInsights on SA. With so much financial information littering the Internet (quite literally), we're honored that you trust us to help you see the significance through the noise that most insider trades represent.

We originally expected to distribute more than just our "Daily Round Up" columns through SA-and still may. But we've had to focus building new products and APIs for our institutional business, and couldn't justify focusing resources on free offerings.

We're about to launch a new entry-level product called our " Daily Report", however, and I thought it worth alerting you all to it. Our Daily Report is a PDF file emailed to our subscribers each morning relaying the comprehensive list of all the stocks that had insider activity the prior session--with each stock clearly labeled with our proprietary Company Ratings.

I can't attach PDF files to SA Instablog posts (as far as I can figure), but you can see today's Report by clicking the following link: Daily Report June 2, 2016.

Now compare the investment intelligence in this Report to the corresponding Daily Round Up Column for June 2. I'm not one to diss our own columns--but the Daily Round Up is really anemic in comparison.

That's because during periods of high filing volumes for insider trades at the SEC (which started weeks ago and will continue through June), the all to common insignificant high-dollar trades push all the significant lower-dollar transactions off the Round Up columns. We start every Round Up column with the educational note that "Dollar value is only one metric to assess the significance of an insider transaction". Well, we mean it. And you guys are missing out on more than the usual investment ideas insiders are generating as a result.

Our Newsletter and Real-Time Insider Data Module clients have been receiving the new Daily Reports for several months now as part of their subscriptions. But those institutional products cost $495 and $995 a year, respectively, which is likely still too much for many in the largely individual investor user base of SA.

So we've decided to combine our Daily Reports with our 4x a day Top Trades Email Alerts into a new entry level product that will be priced at $195 a year when we program it into our storefront in another week or so.

I'll be posting Instablogs for the next week with links to that day's Daily Report, so you can continue to see its value over the free Daily Round Up columns you're following now.

I'm also going to make a rare sales pitch.

The first 100 SA followers that email me at to sign up for our new "Daily Reports plus 4x a day Top Trades Email Alerts" product, can get it for just $150 a year.

Just write something like "Yes to SA offer" in the subject of your email, and include your name and phone number so we can call to get the rest of your information to set up your account.

We'll put you on the email list to receive our Daily Reports immediately, and also mark your subscription as beginning June 13, since we'll be giving the Daily Reports away for free for the next week via Instablogs anyway.

No hard sell. Contact me if you're interested. The new product will still be the best value for the money when it comes to insider analysis if you wait to sign up later.


Jonathan Moreland
Director of Research,
(212) 784-6860

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