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Oversold And Overbought Industries: A Closer Look At The RSI(14) Indicator

Here is a list of the most technically overbought and oversold industries. To create these rankings, Contextuall aggregated Relative Strength (RSI(14)) indicator data for more than 4200 stocks.

RSI(14) readings above 70 (bullish momentum) are considered overbought, while RSI(14) readings below 30 (bearish momentum) are considered oversold.

All of the industries mentioned below contain companies with very high or very low RSI(14) readings. (Note that these readings represent an average of all the companies in the industry)

We've included the top 10 most overbought and most oversold industries below.

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Bullish Momentum: Industries With The Highest RSI(14) Value

Silver: Avg RSI(14) = 70.68 (10 companies)
Long-Term Care Facilities: Avg RSI(14) = 66.66 (12 companies)
Department Stores: Avg RSI(14) = 63.09 (9 companies)
Air Service Companies: Avg RSI(14) = 62.76 (7 companies)
Auto Dealerships: Avg RSI(14) = 62.68 (11 companies)
Home Health Care: Avg RSI(14) = 62.63 (7 companies)
Home Furnishing Stores: Avg RSI(14) = 62.55 (6 companies)
Residential Construction: Avg RSI(14) = 61.98 (16 companies)
Jewelry Stores: Avg RSI(14) = 61.34 (6 companies)
Processed & Packaged Goods: Avg RSI(14) = 60.76 (32 companies)

Selling Pressure: List of Industries With The Lowest RSI(14)

General Entertainment: Avg RSI(14) = 42.86 (7 companies)
Major Airlines: Avg RSI(14) = 43.11 (6 companies)
Discount Stores: Avg RSI(14) = 44.92 (10 companies)
Consumer Services: Avg RSI(14) = 45.26 (7 companies)
Education & Training Services: Avg RSI(14) = 45.62 (27 companies)
Sporting Goods: Avg RSI(14) = 45.71 (6 companies)
Movie Production & Movie Theaters: Avg RSI(14) = 45.8 (8 companies)
Electric Utilities: Avg RSI(14) = 45.86 (48 companies)
Companies Selling Drug Related Products: Avg RSI(14) = 46.16 (7 companies)
Diversified Utilities: Avg RSI(14) = 46.83 (23 companies)

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