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"Fifty Ten-Percenters Or Bust" (FTPB) Fund -- Trade #1

|Includes: BP, Direxion Daily Brazil Bull 3x Shares ETF (BRZU)

These instablogs will be brief, and focused on the current transaction.

Sold BRZU, somewhat hesitantly, at $51.46 for a gain of 20.2%. This equates to just under two "ten-percenters." Two true 10%ers compounded would be $12,100 from $10,000. Today's transaction brought the "fund" to $12,023, minus $14 in fees, leaving a $12,009 balance, which is technically 1.956 ten-percenters.

The second pick is BP, @ $33.88. I like this entry after a pull back from reports on stockpile builds. I still see the path of least resistance for oil being higher prices. And I like BP's position going forward to capitalize on increasing profits.

BRZU had a very nice run, even quicker than I expected. I still hold BRZU as part of a separate, longer range fund I write about here.

Cheers and good trading.