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20 Things Besides Facebook Worth $100 Billion

|About: Facebook (FB), Includes: AAPL, BP, CYB, FXE, INR, JPM, TUR

20 Things Besides Facebook FB Worth $100 Billion

"A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking real money." - Everett Dirksen

1. China's total defense budget - The Hindu

2. Apple's AAPL cash reserves in the first quarter of this year - Technorati

3. The amount of American student loan debt taken out last year - NY Daily News

4. The face value of fake US government bonds seized in a 2009 northern Italy raid - Bloomberg

5. Nominal Gross Domestic Product of Bangladesh or Angola in 2011, according to the IMF - Wikipedia

6. Saudi Arabia's recent solar energy investment - Motley Fool

7. Qatar's Sovereign Wealth Fund - SWF Institute

8. The entire government budget of Iran - CIA via Wikipedia

9. The entire government budget of Iraq - Reuters

10. US exports to China CYB, FXCH - China Daily

100 billion Zimbabwe Dollars

11. France's holdings of Italian sovereign debt FXE - New York Times

12. Bilateral trade between the US and India INR - Economic Times of India

13. The estimated value of the smart grid market by 2020 - Telecom Engine

14. The position in asset-backed securities and structured debt by the JP Morgan JPM unit responsible for the $2 billion hedging loss - Reuters

15. The amount of investment expected in the Arctic circle in the coming decade - Dow Jones

16. The valuation difference between BP BP and Royal Dutch Shell - Dow Jones

17. Global mobile data revenues - Mobile Marketing

18. Nigeria's planned spending on oil and gas exploration for the next five years - Bloomberg

19. Miami's trade with the rest of the world - World City

20. Turkey's TUR planned energy investment over the next decade - Turkish Weekly

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