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Learning Something From The Champion Saints!

What  a great Super Bowl!  The Colts gave the Saints all they could handle and then some, but it was a late turnover and some aggressive calls by Coach Payton that was the difference.  Many expected a huge score with a lack of defense.  The overs were 57, and it was thought that number could be exceeded in the first half alone.  As usual, those expectations were squashed.  It was a classic game won by execution, gamesmanship and patience.   I think we as traders could learn some valuable lessons from the World Champs. 

  • Patience in making moves, not being overly aggressive.  The biggest plays by Drew Brees were not long bombs, rather he surgically moved through the defense.
  • Taking what's given to you - a mistake traders make each day in the markets.  Like the Saints offense did you have to take what is given to you and keep building, moving ahead.  Eventually you'll have your homerun play...for the Saints it was the only turnover of the game that brought them to the promised land.
  • Keep the ego out of it.  The Saints were not cocky but were confident, a big difference.  They knew what it took to win yet kept their focus on what needed to get done. 
  • Finish strong and remain consistent.
  • Play YOUR game, not your opponent.  This mostly speaks to staying in your trading zone and trading what you know and are successful with.

Fantastic game.  The Super Bowl?  Yeah, but trading is, too.  Maybe we'll be the champions of trading  this year...let's do it like the Saints. 

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