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A Kindred Spirit To Regarded Solutions. Shame On GALE, AHN, Kriegsman, And Their BOD's

|Includes: SELLAS Life Sciences Group, Inc. (SLS)

Thank you for writing this article. I have been mocked for making similar assertions, mostly because that's not the "American Way." Putting ethics and morals before personal gains. I also feel very strongly that Steven Kriegsman is where the buck stops, with Mark Ahn being equally at fault. Someone will uncover whose idea it was to ALL sell GALE shares at the same time, likely to avoid controversy, and that will be one of many smoking guns., Adam F., Jim Cramer, StockTwits, Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool, and all other stock pumping PR machines share equal blame in this and nearly every stock they mention. (Have you had the chance to hear about CalAmp from Fools? It is the stock to make you rich like buying apple or google a decade ago :-{

Following are emails exchanged between myself and yesterdays CytRx PR Counsel, who has apparently been replaced as of today by a crisis management firm. Note that I also called David at their 310 corporate number and asked similar questions with a far more stunned response - As if I was coming out of left field and a crazy conspiracy theorist.

I feel 100% confident in Aldox, and although mocked recently for my lives over profit sentiment, know that Aldox will save more lives than Steve Kriegsmans Ego allows him to pay himself in pennies. Although Kriegsman did not sell CYTR stock, he raised his base pay significantly, is on the compensation committee at more than one company, and continues to deny any knowledge of this situation, although his various BIO's often tout his lifelong agenda bringing biotech's into the publics eye - or Creative Awareness Campaigns.

Clearly what we see here is a banker ruling over scientists, knowing that retail investors are most often left holding the bag when pump-n-dumps go south.

AGAIN - I Believe the CYTR science is worth billions, and will save tens of thousands of cancer victims.

I have lost my Father, Uncle, Best friend, and nearly my Mother to various cancers. Lung, Head & Neck, GBM, and Breast. Aldox would have offered 3 of these special people a longer sick free time and the possibility of remission.

I have lost ⅓ of the value of my averaged CYTR holdings to this scandal. Or 10 years maximum 401K savings. I can afford it - and also find comfort knowing that I am fine long.

I do hope to file a derivative suit against Steve Kriegsman and the BOD should he choose to stay and try to sink the ship rather than retire with his head down in shame, tail tucked between his legs.

Below are the emails I mentioned:


Good morning Jack,

I am writing in response to your email from last night but it seems that CytRx gave you an answer without me when they put out their press release this morning regarding their fiscal 2013 year end and their update on the milestones. I have attached a copy of the press release to this email in case you did not see it. As it states in the release, the Phase 3 is slated to start before the end of the 1st quarter.

As far as your other concerns about Galena and their situation affecting Steve Kriegsman I can tell you this..... CytRx and Galena are 2 separate entities. Mr. Kriegsman, as far as I am concerned, is a consummate professional and would never allow issues at Galena to distract him in any way from running the day to day operations at CytRx. In my opinion, a month between press releases hardly represents a quiet period when you are dealing with a small cap stock with a finite amount of news to report. I hope that the press release today has allayed some of your concerns, please feel free to call me anytime if you wish to discuss anything about CytRx in detail.


John Columbia

John M. Columbia

4400 Route 9 South

Suite 1000

Freehold, NJ 07728

Phone: 718-233-2677

Fax: 888-586-6515


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From: []

Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2014 6:39 PM

To: John Columbia;

Subject: CytRx Press Releases


I am both a large investor in cytrx and a retail trader. I am very concerned that cytrx has suspended press releases because of mr kriegsman's involvement with galena as a board member.

I am totally flummoxed cytrx has failed to press release initiation of global Ph3 STS study, First Site activation, and First patient dosing, as is industry standard and the news investors are accustomed to seeing.

This odd silent-mode is leaving the investment community in the dark, and will no doubt begin a flight from cytr stock. Why? Because press releases on event milestones are normal and expected, while the lack thereof is creating a bubble of suspicious investors assuming the galena lawsuits are affecting decision making at cytrx. It is not a case where no news is good news. Rather, no news, when it is the standard created by cytrx, is worry some, and possibly a marker of bad management or failures to come.

The status of the ph3 STS has leaked enough that many are aware - yet the community at large is beginning to believe the supposed leaks are lies.

Would you please confirm or deny:

Cytrx is or has changed its press release strategy?

CEO kriegsman's other BOD positions have affected or infected the press policies of cytrx?

Have galena lawsuits affected kriegsman's ability to maintain cytrx's public information and milestone press release policy?

Expecting weekly pr from cytrx for ages, how do we as investors now plan for trades with no information coming in the last month from cytrx or any pr company on its behalf?

Thank you,


Disclosure: I am long CYTR.

Additional disclosure: I have dropped more than $100,000 in equity value in recent weeks. I will be cured by my Long Position and the Science in the CytRx Pipeline