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Madoff Morality Meditation

Bernie Madoff got a 150 year sentence primarily for securities fraud in a medium security NC prison.  Considering that many of his victims were charities, this sentence doesn't seem unjustly harsh, cruel or unusual, especially considering that it is unlikely he will have to serve the entire term (either because of his demise or time  off).  A very few people have commented that his victims are mostly still relatively well off despite their losses.  I think this is more a comment on the nature of his victims rather than a suggestion for leniency.

A recent local news story and heightened highway surveilance for this holiday weekend has me wondering though about the uniformity of "justice" and the priority of criminal sentences in the US.   If Bernie got a buzz on, lost control of his Bentley and ran through a crowd of pedestrians, killing and maiming many, he would likely be charged with involuntary manslaughter in many states.  For this offense, his likely total time in jail would probably net out to less than 25 years.  And this only because there were multiple victims.

Even worse, if he was "Joe Six Pack", his victims would not even have recourse to civil court for any compensation.

Was Madoff a special case, aggravated by the media focus (an inverse OJ), or is it normal these days for economic crimes to rate higher penalties than crimes of violence?