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Why Being President Is Hard

You can make it all about "keeping up appearances" but in the end you'll be forced to do something...even if you don't do anything.

George Washington hated the job...and no one was more honest about that job than he was. The President cannot show he's really sick and tired of Being President. Having said that...having had enough doesn't mean you can just "not care" either.

Like a downhill ski racer "it is the lonliest of competitions." And only the camera sees you fall.

Worse still...there are always others who want that job.

Forget the ACA..."now the world intervenes too."

At some point you just find yourself agreeing with everyone as to what they should be doing. And after that "it's all about the comment stream." My personal view is that President's really should enter the comment stream at Zero Hedge actually. They might discover they can make more of a difference there.