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AGTech, Channel Checks

|Includes: Agtech Holdings Ltd. (AGTEF), BABA

India's Game Pind.

China's Smart Lottery Terminal.

Europe & Asean Opportunity.

China:  Teamed up with National Sports Lottery, AGTech management is working with regulators to push for the approval for the Smart Lottery Terminals.  When approved, Alibaba's distribution network (up to 2 million) which is the biggest in China will dominate this channel and generate vast amounts of revenue for the lottery authorities.  AGTech will split the profit 50%-50% after cost with Alibaba's retail entity.  Retail distribution gets 8%-10% of face value. ($1 Billion sales = $80 mil to $100 mil revenue) The cost won't be much since it's low touch fully automated system.  60%-70% gross margin will be easily achieved.  

Regulators are also looking into resuming the Internet Lottery sales.

India: Going exceptionally well.  Introducing new games on a weekly basis and expects to show significant progress throughout the year.  At some point, the mobile game platform, GamePind will be worth more than AGTech.

Europe & Asian Region: Senior management is working intensely and looking to sell gaming software in several countries in Europe and Asian countries.

Stock Performance: AGTech is the only surviving Lottery company in China. With very little news, a small number of investor following, and no broker reports, the stock bouncing around won't mean a thing. If someone has to sell, it will fall.  If someone tries to buy, the stock will pop because there is no volume.  The management is not going to talk until there is something concrete because they don't want to "fluff" up the stock. 

2019 will be a watershed year.  Patience is what we need.

Disclosure: I am/we are long BABA. AGTEF.