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Low Price Questionnaire Services For Your Business With AReplyApp

'Thrane Apps' are business application developers based in Denmark and producers of top business apps for the iPhone and iPad. 'Thrane Apps' latest edition to their excellent collection of apps and services is aReplyApp. This efficient and extremely useful application allows companies and businesses to produce and release online surveys and questionnaires.

The website is the centre of this superb service. To use the service requires free registration at the website. When logged in you can create as many online questionnaires as required. You can set different types of fields to be used to gather the answers to the questions. A Check Box, Date, Number, Scale, Text, Time, and Yes/No options are available to be used.

When the questionnaires are ready to be sent out to your customers you can use a link to online survey, an iFrame or just print the surveys to paper. Any Survey you setup can also be accessed on the iPad or iPhone so you can gather answers while on the street or at a business gathering.

The questionnaires you create are highly customizable to make them look very professional and can be tailored to your business. When you create the surveys online you are able to add your company logo and also input intro text and completion text.

The application costs just $11.99, which is an extremely small price to any business. The application is simple and easy to use, works excellently and links seamlessly to the online account. All surveys you create online are available from the application as soon as you log in.

Carrying out surveys on the street from your iPad makes you look and feel much more professional and your business also looks very successful. As online surveys become more popular, more and more people are willing to complete them. A service as cost effective as is something all businesses will welcome and be happy to use.

You can download aReplyApp now via the links below, or visit the website at the following link.

iPad Version

IPhone Version