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GTAT And The Six Letters That Created An Amazing Buying Opportunity

|Includes: IQVIA Holdings, Inc. (IQV)

GT Advanced Technologies' stock value has recently taken an enormous hit, over 30% in the past nine days.

And everyone has the answer as to why - "GTAT was counting on having sapphire cover the iPhone, and it's a complete disaster that Apple announced ion strengthened glass."

However, investors need to step back and look at the events leading up to Apple's 9/9 iPhone announcement. On 8/5, Tom Guitierrez of GTAT held a conference call to discuss their quarterly results and their guidance for the rest of 2014. This event was held one month prior to Apple's launch of their new flagship product. Any decisions about the direction of Apple's products had already been set in stone for months by this time; and TG's statements and forward guidance had to reflect the decisions that had already been made.

So you ask, "if that's the case, then why did the stock drop anyway?" Simple answer... As PT Barnum said, there's a sucker born every minute.

Seriously... What tangible impact do six letters, "n-o-p-h-e-i", have on the value of a stock if those letters had nothing to do with their company's guidance to begin with? Once PT Barnum's faithful didn't see iPhone associated with GTAT, even though it was NEVER officially linked to GTAT to begin with, people started to panic; the Shorts (PT Barnum) pulled the strings, and the suckers sold, to all of the Shorts' great profit.

Well folks... It's time to realize that you've been swindled. The bearded woman is actually a man, nobody was sawed in half and the iPhone never was in GTAT's 2014 plans to begin with. The shorts have made their cash, and now it's time to get yours back.


Disclosure: The author is long GTAT.