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|Includes: ATVI, BRK.B, ConocoPhillips (COP)

**This post is in regard to a paper-traded hypothetical portfolio and does not reflect real market activity**

I'm going to move another $80,000.00 approximately into the market and feel that each of these three stocks offer superior risk/reward at their current prices. Also, I'm trying to balance urgency with patience while building towards a target allocation between 50-80% equity.

COP is well positioned within an integral industry, and that position will naturally result in higher earnings as we see mild inflation and economic growth.

If stocks are castles, there is none stronger than BRK.B- the forces or events required to hurt it's ability to generate cash certainly hurts its competitors worse than itself. This, traditionally has resulted in the "Buffett premium", which is no longer there as it trades below what I believe is fair intrinsic value. Investor concerns about Buffett's health or political stances, ability to invest new cash well, and clear succession planning leave the stock oversold.

ATVI has seen it's P/E ratio plummet over the past 10 years, resulting in a very boring "stock" to watch. But as a company, exciting growth opportunities and their ability to drive earnings in a traditionally weak sector may lead to a turnaround in investor sentiment in the coming years.

COP 300 shares $76.39/sh
ATVI 3500 shares $12.72/sh
BRK.B 300 shares $81.65/sh

Cash spent: $91,932.00

Current Portfolio:
APOL 400 shares
ARCC 1000 shares
ATVI 4500 shares
BRK.B 600 shares
COP 300 shares
TAP 500 shares
VZ 300 shares
P May 11 Put -30 contracts

$807,615.00 Cash

Disclosure: I am long ATVI, BRK.B.