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|Includes: Ares Capital (ARCC), GE, PG, TAP

**This post is in regard to a paper-traded hypothetical portfolio and does not reflect real market activity**

I'm allocating about 6% of the fund into these securities. Long term I want to have 50-70% invested in stock, but I'm counting on better opportunities further in the future, and will continue to take my time.

ARCC, Ares Corp, is a disciplined private investment firm, that specializes in lending to high yield grade companies. The security currently yields 9%, a majority of the cash flow. This company behaves like a hybrid between a high yield bond fund and a mid sized company. GE and PG are both great companies at good prices. GE gives some, but not too much, exposure to the financial sector and other goods. PG holds very strong competitive advantages and growth looks predictable and dependable. TAP is a solid performer in a steady industry, and I like it at this price.

There is much more behind my stock picks than these brief descriptions, but I'll choose to keep that information private and just give a general explanation of my actions.

ARCC 1500 shares $15.90/sh
GE 500 shares $19.04/sh
PG 200 shares $66.62/sh
TAP 300 shares $40.80/sh

Cash spent: $58,934.00

Current Portfolio:
APOL 400 shares
ARCC 2500 shares
ATVI 4500 shares
BRK.B 600 shares
COP 300 shares
GE 500 shares
PG 200 shares
TAP 800 shares
VZ 300 shares
P May 11 Put -30 contracts

$752,415.00 Cash

Disclosure: I am long ARCC, TAP.