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Citi's Economic Surprises Around The World (Interactive)

|Includes: SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

GavekalCapital puts out some interesting research, and while they are here on SA, their newsletter is much more prolific (daily?). I would recommend it. The only problem, as I keep recommending sites, you'll end up like me - I wish I had time to read everything I subscribed to! Luckily this one opened after I deleted the one I had just read.

How cool is this!

An interactive chart of Citi' Economic Surprise Index (worldwide)!

Now this one gets a prominant bookmark!

It might just be better to bookmark their blog page rather than deal with all the e-mails:

WOW - look at (cyan=light blue) Australia. They had such a big employment surprise that EVERYONE disbelieved it, and I think even the Aussie stats office that produced it agreed. However, looking at about 6 months of Citi db, for at least a month they have soared up from below.

"Commodity" Canada is goingthe other way, and while Bernie mightbe the onlyone that cares about Norway, with oil falling, it is soaring too? Interestingly, China is climbing, which might explain Australia!

Do you remember I pointed out how basic materials (NYSEARCA:XLB) has popped. What's going on? A couple of posts below this surprise index onthe GavekalCapital site is a post about oil joining gold and copper in a new low. Really, what gives? Let me know!

Looking at the regions, with Latin America, emerging mkts, etc, also climbing, my guess is the economists have finally gotten too pessimistic (am I being redundant, of course they have gotten too pessimistic if positive economic surprises are ocurring).

FYI: I'm not the only one who does "busy" (crowded) charts! :-)

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