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I understand Mr. Obama wants to help people on their healthcare and wants to do everything to avoid the deficit. The concern about deficit raised by both parties(although I never beleive that politicians are worried about anything except their self interest) may force Obama to compromise on some key issues.

One of the proposal is to raise taxes on rich people or raise taxes on small business to pay for Obamacare. Now we do hear all the time that Obamacare will eventually start paying for itself in short time. So why not we tell TAXPAYERS to pay the Healthtax (which is what it is) with a promise that they will get their money back in five years or whatever the projections for realizing the savings are. This will create a goodwill for politicians as well as healthcare will be easier to implement. This should be done by an independent body which comprises of government as well as private citizens - this way politicians don't have a chance to manipulate the system for their own good. Kind of what we have at Federal Reserve.

In my opinion healthcare is as important as our monetery system, so why not we set up the independent body and regulate the system outside the domain of politicians.


I would like to hear more from our readers as to what do they think and may be we will have enough voice to reach our so called self appointed leaders who has tremendous authority to snatch anything we have .... instead of everytime they want to raise taxes and get permission from 'we the people' .