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Marketing–The Best Communication Channel

Opening up spa and beauty salon is a great idea. You may think that it will fetch you a good business as many salon owners are gaining popularity and making money out of it. But, have you ever wondered why are they earning a lot? Or just opening a salon will serve the purpose. Might be these professionals' works harder than you… People often visit those salons which are established either long back or they have tried their services. Generally they hesitate in trying something new when it comes to their body. And at last hardly people come to know about your salon unless you use any salon marketing channel to promote it.

Well, that's true… through effective marketing and advertising your work is done by 90% and once the client walks in you only need to retain those clients by giving best of the services. There are some cost effective salon and spa marketing plans which you can use to promote your salon and they are:

- You can use flyers and pamphlets which you may distribute them at nearby locations. With this, people will come to know about your salon name and major products and services that you are offering.

- Use signage and banners at the top of the building where your salon is located and one at the entry gate of your area.

- Announce exciting offers and great discounts on hair cut, body spa and on other services. The offers and discounts are the biggest attraction these days.

- Ask your clients to suggest your salon to their friends and relatives and in return you offer them 10-20% discount.

- To retain the clients, ask them to get membership of your salon and earn points and gifts on your card.

- Use personal relations

Apart from these simple ways you can also use internet marketing channel. Today everyone is web savvy; they love to receive all the information through internet. Search engine optimization, pay per click, face book, twitter and linked in are also other useful sites to promote the business.

There are salon marketing and advertising companies across the world which helps in promoting your services throughout. Many business owners outsource their marketing work to such companies as they are specialized in all marketing means. The expert team of such companies know how exactly and where to target the market. The company also designs brochures, business cards, post card and letter heads to meet overall client's requirement. Beauty industry business cards are considered to be the face to face marketing option as you pass on your contact information to prospective clients. Spa brochures are also an attractive and impressive way of marketing because you can highlight some of the best images and features into it.

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