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The Best Way To Follow #ASCO16

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Happy#ASCO16 !

The largest cancer conference in the US, The American Society of Clinical Oncology began on Friday. There is a ton of new clinical data being released, and dozens of public companies are in attendance. Luckily for those not in attendance, there's a huge community tweeting details from the conference on Twitter. We thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the best accounts to follow on Twitter to know what's going on at ASCO 2016. This is a custom selected list we put together just for you! You can see the list below:

  1. @mtmdphd
  2. @drmiguelperales
  3. @nicktarazonamd
  4. @drcbsteer
  5. @josico99
  6. @drattai
  7. @drchoueiri
  8. @williamdale_md
  9. @drdonsdizon
  10. @fischmd
  11. @davidgrahammd
  12. @hoosierdfh
  13. @arifkamalmd
  14. @tomleblancmd
  15. @Glopesmd
  16. @drmarkham
  17. @rsm2800
  18. @montypal
  19. @n8pennell
  20. @erplimackmd
  21. @Rschilsky
  22. @sedrakms
  23. @teamoncology
  24. @drjulievose
  25. @yzafar
  26. @ASCO
  27. @princetongb
  28. @pdrennert
  29. @alpinebv_miller
  30. @megtirrell
  31. @nycdoc29

Enjoy and don't forget to share!

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