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How To Make 10 Times Your Money

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Investing in the hidden metal: Molybdenum could make you rich.

BCM Resources Corporation (TSX:B) - an undervalued long-term play.

Molybdenum surges +40% in last month.

Mining companies Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. (TSX: TCM) and General Moly Inc. (TSX: GMO) should start seeing the benefits of rising Molybdenum prices in the months to follow considering their direct exposure to Molybdenum mining.

Longer-term plays from junior molybdenum exploration mining companies such as BCM Resources Corporation (TSX:B) could present more lucrative opportunities to the investor looking to make higher returns.

BCM Resources has 12,412 hectares (30,671 acres) of 100% interest mineral claims, strategically located near Terrace, British Columbia and has already undergone an extensive drilling program that identified a conceptual mining resource estimate at its Las Margaritas and Camp Zones which could be valued at more than 50 -65 million pounds[1] of molybdenum. With approximately 20 million shares outstanding, the company should be valued at $3 to $5 per share at current Molybdenum spot prices while assuming a 50% mineral recovery on the estimated resource.

Long-term investors might want to consider investing in the future of the company, since it is basically sitting on a "Gold" mine which offers investors the opportunity to make ten times their money at current stock prices. BCM Resources Corporation[2] stock presently trades on the TSX Venture Exchange with the symbol ("B").


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[1] For more information on the Shan South Property and conceptual mining estimates see page 25 of the PDF available at:

[2] For more information about BCM Resources Corporation visit:

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