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Reduction Of Lead Paint

Lead, a natural occurring element from earth's crust which is very harmful for human beings and animals. We can find lead in air, water, soil and even in our homes. A wide variety of lead compounds found in and around homes including paints, pipes, ceramics, gasoline, batteries and cosmetics. Mostly children absorb more lead than adults due to their growing body and their nervous system and brains are more sensitive. Children exposed to lead by eating and drinking food or water containing lead or from dishes or glasses that has lead or from playing with the toy with lead paint. There are lead paint abatement aurora companies help you to reduce the paint with some techniques. Some methods of removing paint actually increase the risk of lead exposure. It is really important to pick a safest method of lead exposure. Lead abatement is an activity designed to permanently remove the lead based paints. It involves specialize techniques which normal contractors may not have. In 1978, Government has made strict regulations on using lead in home paints and occupational settings. Before the 1970s household paint often contains lead. The people who are still living in old houses built before 1970s are majorly affected by lead poison. When the lead paints ages, it crumbled into dust. If lead pain is on ceilings and walls and in good conditions then cover the walls with the wall paper. If it is peeling off or at window sill or stair rail where children can chew it easily then it should remove and covered. One needs to be very careful during the work. This is very dangerous for adults, children and pets. The best option is to hire a professional contractor with experience in working safely with lead removal. The important tips to follow while lead paint abatement Naperville:

- Children and pregnant women must not around when the lead removal work is under process, they should stay out of the work until clean up is done.

- Contractor should pick one room at a time for removal of lead and should shut all the heating and ventilation ducts with a thick plastic sheet.

- Everything in the room like furniture, rugs, carpets, floors, bedding, drapes, food, toys and everything must be covered with thick plastic and taped.

- Workers also should use disposable coveralls, shoes, hair covering, goggles and a respirator approved by national institute of occupational safety and health (NIOSH).

- Workers must avoid eating, drinking or smoking on the job.

- Workers need to clean up the lead affected area carefully. They should dispose of their coveralls and remove the dust from their clothes with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. They should take shower just after the work so that lead may not spread around their homes.

There are yet several ways to remove lead based paint like:

- Wire brushing or wet hand scraping with non flammable solvent. Liquid paint removers can be used on small area like windowsills. Check the warning labels and instructions before purchasing any solvent.

- Wet hand sanding or power sanding with HEPA filter dry hand sanding should never be done.

- Heat stripping Heat guns pose a fire hazard and make lead dust and vapors so they should be used by experienced workers wearing respirators.

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