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A List Of My Favorite Blogs

Here's a list of some of the blogs that have been very instrumental to me:

This is "The financial home of T.M. McAleenan Jr", and as far as conceptual ideas written in plain English, it's unlike anything else I've ever come across. Many are familiar with Tim as a writer here on SA. Even out of all the dozens and dozens of financial books I've read, nothing ever hammered home the revolutionary ideas you will find in this blog. Once you wrap your head around the difference between being an owner and a worker, the world will become your oyster. Start with these two posts which I consider his best:

Another of my favorite blogs is Jason Fieber at Dividend Mantra. He is on a plan to retire by 40 in less than 10 years, and constantly updates his progress in terms of both expenses and investing results, including posting exact dollar amounts. Although he recently switched to doing financial writing for a living, for most of his investing life he has worked as a service advisor at a car dealership and made about 40K per year, proving that you don't have to have an unusually high salary to reach financial independence.

If you haven't checked out Mr. Money Mustache, you are missing something that is absolutely life changing to the core. There are so many good posts, I can't even begin to list them, but suffice it to say that following MMM's principles will allow you to make your life more efficient to a degree that you never imagined was possible. Take that savings, put it to work for you in your investments, and you will be unstoppable.

Another great dividend growth investing site is Dividend Growth Investor. He's been doing it since 2008, so he's an old timer compared to many of the other dividend growth sites out there which have only started in the last year or two. This site is packed full of great DG stock analysis, general investing advice and tons of other info. Check it out.

And finally, James Altucher's blog is a great resource on ways to improve your life, become better in sales, business and personal relationships. While not specifically focused on investing, there is great value in the information on here that will help you to improve in other ways (such as people skills, etc), which eventually means more money in your investments, and reaching your goals quicker.

Happy reading! Learn, Learn, Learn.