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Apple Stock And The Itchy Trigger Finger

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), MSFT

It was more than a year ago, and I had not watched CNN or any news for an extended period. Suddenly, I had a curious inclination of morbid curiosity to hear some bad news, as I usually classify all daily content on news hours and stations. I usually stay away from the news for this very reason, that mostly I would be hearing about terrorist bombings and other criminal acts. Depressing, and unnecessary. However, this day I received an interesting bit of information. Apple's stock had gone down to about 90 dollars a share. What an opportunity! I didn't have much money, so I only bought a few shares, hoping for the best. Over time, I saw that I had invested wisely. Investing is not my forte, but this experience had gotten me progressively hooked on the subject. I had previously spent a good deal on Microsoft Stock, and lost money to the point where I felt I had to pull out while I still had the majority of my funds and dignity left. The point of all of this rests on the point I wish to make. Apple inspired me, and Microsoft left me wanting. I kind of feel the same way in relation to the tech of these two companies. Apple had grown on me, and Microsoft no longer held the amount of sway it once had over the pleasure center of my brain.