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Securing Online Accounts Against Theft By Malware, Worms & Viruses

Experts on internet theft and fraud are warning that malware has become a threat to all investors who access their accounts online using personal computers or smartphones. A good source of information regarding cyber-crime is the website:

Surveys reveal that a shockingly high percentage of personal computers and smart-phones are infected with advanced malware without the knowledge of the owners. Many of these viruses spread what is known as a "rootkit" infection, a state where the malware package gains total control of a PC and is able to create a sort of virtual reality to disguise and protect its presence. Rootkits can neutralize all installed anti-virus programs, and can even evade a full reformatting of the system's hard drive.

The purpose of this discussion is to allow online investors to share security strategies they use to protect their internet banking and brokerage accounts. These strategies might take the form of specific recommendations regarding hardware and software with superior security features. Specific security tactics will be discussed, such as disabling HTML for incoming emails, never clicking links in emails, and precautions to take before opening email attachments.

We solicit and encourage relentless analysis and criticism of proposed solutions. It is better to learn of flaws in one's online security plan from a sarcastic commenter than from a rootkit which silently and politely cleans out your accounts.

Please reply if there is interest in this discussion. My next posting will include a full description of the methods I have devised to render my online accounts as safe as possible.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.