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Usual Guarantees When You Buy Jewelry

Most jewelry traders understand that their products are offered at very high prices because of market forces of demand and supply. Precious metals businesses say that there are no signs of the ever high prices coming down in the near future. Because of the high cost that characterizes these products, jewelry buyers in competitive towns like NYC are offered different guarantees as part of marketing, quality assurance, and even loyalty building. Here are the different guarantees that traders normally offer to their clients.

Money back guarantees

When jewelry buyers walk into a pawn shop, the goal is usually to get the most valuable piece for a reasonably lowered price. If for any reason you find that the product you were looking for is not what you got, most buyers will guarantee you total money back without any deductions so long as the piece is in reasonably good condition.

However, you are advised to make sure that you identify the fault as immediately as possible to be assured of getting your money back. For example, many jewelry shops will only give you money back guarantee if the jewelry is returned within few days of delivery. You are advised to make sure that you check the product carefully to ensure that you get the correct one.

Wrong product exchange guarantee

If jewelry buyers happen to get the wrong product by chance, they will be allowed to return and have them exchanged with the correct one in the description. Though this type of anomaly rarely happens, jewelry shops appreciate the fact that at times errors could occur especially during packing or even transit. It is important that you only consider buying your jewelry only from the sellers who can give you this guarantee as a higher indication of your value in their business.

Quality warranty

This is perhaps the greatest and most important warrant offered to jewelry buyers from NYC to San Francisco. The guarantee seeks to make the buyer enjoy the product at the same quality. Most sellers will guarantee you high quality of your product for a period three, six or even one year depending on the type and cost of the jewelry. For example, if the product starts peeling off and before the warranty is over, you can always take it back for re-blending or exchange. Remember that guarantees are your only shield from poor quality. Insist to have them on a longer basis.

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