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S&P 500 Trades Higher For The 6th Consecutive Day As Volume Eases


Attention on the day was aimed at earning's releases at the close of the day. Stocks were dealt a blow with the IMF cutting its global forecast to 3.5% from 3.6%. While not a big blow to a forecast, but the IMF pointed to Europe and its inability to grow as a primary concern. IBM and GOOG helped boost the tech sector on the day. IBM added 66 points to the Dow accounting for majority of the index gains. GOOG broke out during the session, but was unable to hold its pivot at the close. Volume was lower across the board as the market moved higher, but this has been a growing theme as price continues to be the primary indicator. One negative on the session was the inability for Small Caps to lead the session, but one day does not make a trend. Our uptrend continues to remain in place and we'll continue to look for higher prices.

During the after-hours session NFLX blew the doors off its earnings report. More importantly the company guided higher than its dismal estimates. The stock jumped another 30% in the after-hours session making any entry almost impossible. The stock has been beaten up, but has been trying to make its way back to the spotlight. A jump of 30% seems a bit extreme and will offer an exit for those who are long to book some gains. Will it go higher is anyone's guess, but a 28% gap to the upside is a gift worth taking.

AAPL earnings disappointed the market as revenues were light and guidance was below expectations. The stock printed a 480 handle during the after-hours session but has spent most of its time down 5%. AAPL has been the black eye for the market, but many tend to forget it accounted for 50% of NASDAQ's gain early last year. The stock simply has run into the law of large numbers and the stock is simply over owned. Plenty of people will be in the stock looking to catch a bottom, but for now we'll stay away unless we see a buy signal. For now the stock is dead to us on the long side.

As of last night the companies reporting earnings 70% of them have lowered first quarter outlooks. Looking at profits for the fourth quarter stands at 3% against expectations of 11% which will certainly weigh on those relying on fundamental models. AAPL and banks accounted for the majority of earnings growth during the past 12 months and with only 3% growth in place with banks reporting should hint at what is to come for the first quarter of this year. It is anyone's best guess what multiple the market will trade at, but if growth continues to slow in the names that have been the engine of profits the market will reprice.

AAPL will certainly put a lot of pressure on the NASDAQ tomorrow. Stick to your trading plan and let the noise from Wall Street fall on deaf ears.

Short term trends:

SPYUPTRENDNO CHANGE1/23/2013149.370.16%
IWMUPTRENDNO CHANGE1/23/201389.00-0.24%
QQQUPTRENDNO CHANGE1/23/201367.590.61%
USOUPTRENDNO CHANGE1/23/201334.61-1.14%
UNGUPTRENDNO CHANGE1/23/201320.000.15%
GLDUPTRENDNO CHANGE1/23/2013163.21-0.28%
SLVUPTRENDNO CHANGE1/23/201331.190.22%
DBCUPTRENDNO CHANGE1/23/201328.090.11%
FXYDOWNTRENDNO CHANGE1/23/2013110.530.04%
FXEUPTRENDNO CHANGE1/23/2013132.160.01%
TLTDOWNTRENDNO CHANGE1/23/2013120.27-0.15%

Disclosure: I am long NFLX.