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Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

|Includes: AXLL, CAMP, Capital Senior Living Corporation (CSU), EAC, FLT, GNMK, HEES, POWR, VCEL, VRNM

The Big Wave Trading Portfolio remains under strong BUY signals across the board. While we still hate the relationship between volume and price, we realize it simply does not matter in a world where printing currency is the modus operandi. With that being the case, price is our master and price remains in a strong uptrend.

It is Super Bowl Sunday and there is no need to psychoanalyze the action of the previous week. It was strong and there continues to be excellent price action in leading stocks. That is all you need to know. It has been a great start to the year and we shall see if this continues in the month of February.

Enjoy the Super Bowl everyone. Aloha from a very warm and beautiful Maui.

Top Current Holdings - Percent Return - Date of Signal

CSU long - 73% - 9/4/12
HEES long - 65% - 9/4/12
CAMP long - 57% - 4/26/12
VRNM short - 49% - 4/10/12
EAC long - 46% - 12/17/12
FLT long - 35% - 9/6/12
POWR long - 35% - 12/11/12
AXLL long - 34% - 1/4/13
ASTM short - 31% - 7/17/12
GNMK long - 27% - 11/16/12

Disclosure: I am long CSU, HEES, CAMP, EAC, FLT, POWR, AXLL, GNMK.