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NASDAQ Stalls As Volume Finishes Higher


NASDAQ Composite continues to lag behind the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500. Volume rose across the board, but remained below average. The NASDAQ notched a stall day and although it failed to register a day of distribution. Stalling days are nothing new and all it will take is for the NASDAQ to eclipse today's high. Two star industries on the day were XLF and XHB as both groups appear to be ready to run higher again potentially in a blow off move. End of day action took the market off its highs, but the S&P 500 and Dow were able to escape too much damage.

AAPL weighed on the NASDAQ once again as the stock continues to prove it is a laggard. One question would be is the stock the canary in the coal mine? There is no question AAPL's products are great, but is the action in the stock foreshadowing something in the overall market? Or is it simply a laggard stock and should be completely ignored? Time will tell where this stock will end up. However, we know the stock is in a downtrend and is all we need to know.

Wednesday we'll see the market react to the State of the Union. President Obama's speech is pretty much known as he will revert to ideas he trumped on the campaign trail. More taxes and more spending (disguised as "investments") will be proposed. The President has a way of delivering a great speech and this should not be any different. Democrats will praise the president while Republicans will detest it. After the speech all eyes in the political world will pay attention to the Sequester on March 1st.

A few disappoints in earnings this morning with KORS and INVN reversing gains. While KORS was a viable gap its inability to hold onto its opening price certainly puts a blemish on the stock. INVN was just terrible. In the after-hours session we had a few leading stocks have a tough time. RAX for one has been a stalwart for this market. Unfortunately, the stock fell 10% in the after-hours session. PCYC a thin name jumped 2% after reporting earnings. A stock to watch for a potential gap move at tomorrow's open. NTGR and BWLD were on the negative side as well with both stocks falling hard. Not a pretty picture for the majority of earnings with only a few bright spots this afternoon.

Regardless of your opinion of the market we remain in an uptrend. This may or may not change tomorrow, but if it does we are prepared.

Disclosure: I am long KORS, INVN.