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Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

|Includes: AXLL, BBSI, CAMP, CPSS, CSU, EAC, FLT, GNMK, HEES, Himax Technologies, Inc. (HIMX), POWR, SBGI, VCEL, WAGE

The Big Wave Trading portfolio remains under a BUY signal which was regenerated on March 5th. The Russell 2000 was the only index under a NEUTRAL condition heading into the most recent week but has now re-switched back to a BUY mode as well. Overall, following this week's action, the uptrend remains in tact and there are no current pressures on the BUY signal.

The only problem remains the same problem we have had for four years. There is still a lack of volume conviction in the overall stock market indexes on days when we rally. If there was broad volume across the board, Big Wave Trading would be heavily on margin during an uptrend like we are witnessing. However, without total confirmation across the board BWT continues to operate from a side of caution on new signals as severe sharp corrections are normal in low volume rally market environments.

That being said, there continues to be a plethora of actionable buy signals across various investing methodologies and as long as signals are triggered on an individual stock by stock basis we will continue to go long our signals as they are generated. The only difference from this rally and all other previous rallies pre-2009 is the size of new long commitments. We continue to invest below what we would consider normal size per each new long signal.

Going forward, we will continue to hunt and take action on our long signals and will constantly be vigilant and prepared for a significant correction. As long as the world is printing and commodities are falling, we do not have to worry about inflation or hyper-inflation influencing our dollar's purchasing power. As long as world-wide QE and ZIRP is in effect, we will continue to focus on price only. Price is all that matter right now and we will continue to keep it simple.

Have a great and profitable upcoming week in the stock market, everyone. Aloha from a very beautiful and warm Maui.

Top Current Holdings - Percent Gain - Date of Signal

HIMX long - 145% - 12/19/12
EAC long - 139% - 12/17/12
CSU long - 106% - 9/4/12
POWR long - 93% - 12/11/12
FLT long - 73% - 9/6/12
CAMP long - 73% - 4/26/12
HEES long - 67% - 9/4/12
ASTM short - 63% - 7/17/12
GNMK long - 60% - 11/16/12
SBGI long - 51% - 3/22/13
CPSS long - 43% - 1/31/13
WAGE long - 36% - 1/8/13
AXLL long - 35% - 1/4/13

BBSI long - 32% - 2/13/13