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NASDAQ Lags as the market get news of another European rescue fund

|Includes: AAPL, AMZN, BKNG, DIA, LULU, PowerShares QQQ Trust ETF (QQQ), SPY

The markets were quite boring today, even news European leaders were discussing a second bailout fund couldn’t spark much interest from institutions today. Volume ran lower across the board as institutional players continue to sit on the sidelines. As the Financial Times headlines crossed the afternoon wires the market did get a jolt pushing back to the highs of the session. Unfortunately, buyers didn’t rush to scoop up shares and ultimately saw the market head back down. The 200 day moving average continues to be quite a resistance point for the major indexes! Day 7 came and went without a follow-through day, we are still looking for this most recent rally to be confirmed.

If you ignored the big generals like AAPL, AMZN, PCLN, LULU and a few others this market doesn’t appear to be quite that bad. Of course we are lacking anything resembling institutional accumulation, but sometimes these guys are late to the party. Regardless, the lack of interest in these institutional quality growth names simply continues to reiterate the point institutions aren’t participating in this rally. For whatever reason, it doesn’t matter, without their support this market will find it difficult to push higher.

It is anyone’s guess where the market will head. Just recently the QQQs flashed a sell signal only to be negated by the move off the recent lows. It is a shame we didn’t see a flood of volume rush into this market showing signs of life. But, when we have so many macro and micro economic issues it is easy to see why we aren’t seeing the support necessary for a big market rally. Again, we may see it come soon, but for now we have yet to see real accumulation in this market.

The real solution for Europe and the United States is simply to run surpluses and pay down existing debt. Easier said than done? Perhaps, most politicians want to get re-elected and cutting spending ANYWERE is a death sentence to one’s hopes of re-elections. Until there are real solutions on the table I don’t see how Europe or the United States resolves their issues. Perhaps this will provide a cap on the market, but we trend follower know better than to let this cloud our decision making.

Onward and upward! Remember, the best risk management is cutting your losses short.