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Stocks Limp Into Month End After A Poor Showing For The Month Of May

|Includes: DIA, IWM, Invesco QQQ ETF (QQQ), SPY

End of the month volume poured into the market at the close, but failed to end stocks at the highs of the session. GDP came in line as expected, but at a paltry 1.9% far from where this economy needs to be at for a sustainable recovery. Sellers had dominated majority of the session and for obvious reasons. The rumor mill continues to swirl as Europe tries to figure out a way to sort its mess. Bond yields slid to their lowest levels as US Treasuries continue to be a safe haven among investors. Stocks did find their footing by the end of the day, but the rally left a lot to be desired.

Sentiment week over week tilted towards the bears this time around. AAII Bulls dropped from 30% to 28% and bears jumped back over 40% to 42% from 38% last week. The story with the Investors Intelligence survey isn't the number of bulls or bears, but the number of folks who are neutral. Short-interest remains near 5 year highs despite the lack of bears in the market. A very interesting development nonetheless and something we'll continue to keep an eye on.

Tomorrow we'll get May's job figure and unemployment figure from the government. Economic news has been disappointing as of late and it is hard to think employment numbers will be any different. However, the government can manipulate the numbers so anything is possible. More importantly will come the reaction to the numbers and the price and volume action for the remainder of the day. We can have all the opinions in the world that sound logical and "right," but at the end of the day only price matters. We need to be focused on what matters: price.

Enjoy the weekend coming up and make sure you get out and enjoy life a bit!