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Very Bullish Action In Leading Stocks During This Uptrend

[13:10:47] JoshuaHayes: NTAP on fire
[13:11:00] JoshuaHayes: HLF there is the breakout today
[13:11:03] JoshuaHayes: from that nice charty
[13:11:14] JoshuaHayes: HAUP basing
[13:11:16] JoshuaHayes: MIPS nice move
[13:11:38] JoshuaHayes: NNBR going higher good boy
[13:11:52] JoshuaHayes: NZ fire too
[13:12:04] JoshuaHayes: VHC just up every day since that early long
[13:12:43] JoshuaHayes: IG thin stock with a ton of accumulation and a long base it is breaking out of
[13:13:08] JoshuaHayes: RDWR nice
[13:13:11] JoshuaHayes: RDCM sheesh
[13:13:27] JoshuaHayes: I think ill take in another 20% after today
[13:13:40] JoshuaHayes: RURL SHMR
[13:14:09] JoshuaHayes: JASO BORN
[13:14:24] JoshuaHayes: can't HSFT consolidate?
[13:14:42] JoshuaHayes: on 8/17 i made it an early long
[13:14:46] JoshuaHayes: it is up 88% since posting that
[13:14:55] JoshuaHayes: i bought GDOT why did i not buy HSFT?
[13:15:18] JoshuaHayes: market wasnt in FTD yet
[13:15:21] JoshuaHayes: and it is scary thin
[13:15:38] JoshuaHayes: MCP needs to base
[13:16:03] JoshuaHayes: CIS too
[13:16:31] JoshuaHayes: ARMH super strong
[13:16:42] JoshuaHayes: ACTG nice move off the 50 dma area
[13:16:52] JoshuaHayes: IGTE
[13:17:00] JoshuaHayes: SPRD nice move today after the deep pb yesterday
[13:17:16] JoshuaHayes: BUCY strong
[13:17:28] JoshuaHayes: XTXI building a nice base
[13:17:45] JoshuaHayes: PCLN NFLX
[13:18:08] JoshuaHayes: PPO more new highs
[13:18:31] JoshuaHayes: FFIV OPEN ENTR
[13:18:51] JoshuaHayes: RVBD LVS
[13:25:56] JoshuaHayes: COHR very nice
[13:29:30] JoshuaHayes: MELI strong
[13:29:37] JoshuaHayes: CLF building nice base
[13:29:53] JoshuaHayes: OPNT KID
[13:30:07] JoshuaHayes: our ISLN ARUN solid
[13:30:23] JoshuaHayes: VMW pure power
[13:30:28] JoshuaHayes: AXTI basing
[13:30:38] JoshuaHayes: I want RADS eventually
[13:30:50] JoshuaHayes: HOT basing
[13:31:04] JoshuaHayes: KEI basing
[13:31:15] JoshuaHayes: TRS shook us
[13:31:16] JoshuaHayes: LCC nice base
[13:31:47] JoshuaHayes: CMG AKAM
[13:32:24] JoshuaHayes: EZCH CRM looking solid
[13:32:30] JoshuaHayes: this overall utprend definitely looks to have legs