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 Why the sudden mini frenzy in U?  I don't know.  There are many arguments pro and con.  But the chart of U.TO, shown here often, continues upward into a new uptrend, but they taught me in Bottom Feeder 101 that pigs get slaughtered, so while retaining a few uranium positions, I have unloaded a couple as well, including Laramide Resources (LAM.TO) that was bought down in that trough last summer when everybody hated the sector and it seemed like only me... and the Laramide CEO were buying.

The first chart was drawn in September to attach a target, which I failed to sell.  The second chart is the same chart updated to today.  I did not fail to sell the exceeded target after doing the hard work of buying what people hated last summer.

Disclosure: LMRXF position sold today