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Ending the week on a positive note...

Below is an email I just received from NFTRH subscriber Steve Dore, a man who I consider a friend even though we have not met - yet. I first came upon his work at Financial Sense and thought 'who is this musician - way ahead of his time - singing about gold, silver, inflation and the Fed?'. This was long before the Ron Paul phenomenon kicked in. Steve, in his way was a kindred spirit of mine in that we were using different media to put out a similar message.

Yeh, he is crazy. Just like me. Just like all the crazies out there that nobody wanted to listen to when things appeared okay, conventional or dare I say, normal. We have come a long way indeed. One of the real crazies, Peter Schiff, is exploring a run against Chris Dodd for a Connecticut US Senate seat. A disciple of Austrian economics in the US Senate? Another (Dr. Paul) in Congress? What's this country coming to?! :-) I talked to Schiff on the phone once and I will tell you I got an ear full in just 2 minutes. That guy can TALK... and argue. The time is now for a new debate. But as often happens, I digress.

Here is the mail from Steve. I asked him if I could use it to promote my newsletter and he gave a big thumbs up. This is the kind of thing that makes me proud because this is a guy with integrity who is on his own journey toward truth. You know, the financial markets work better for you when you don't bullshit yourself. So yeh, the truth works and that is what NFTRH seeks to flesh out, week after week after week.

"I had to give up Russell a while back and it's been very hard on the every day level. Fortunately there is relief in that you are on the scene, or that I have discovered the depth of your blog. I want more of it. I think you could do as well as Russell frankly. You really talk right to people like he does his previous generation.

The beginnings of NFTRH put you on a one of a kind ground. Russell may have had more attention in his early call that got him notoriety, but yours is coming. I see
you replacing his daily service, 'cause that wise old bird won't be on it forever. The daily is what I need to shed these vestigal sheep brain cells! :-) I wonder if a daily would be more appealing than the weekly and make you in a league of your own.
[I will consider it or at least consider increasing the volume of email updates although at this time I do not want to become a trading robot for subscribers]

There's probably others, but I don't know of them. You already have both! People have got to learn about you, that's all there is to it. How many subscribers has Russell? 10,000 or more? at $350 or so a year... No wonder he has a bought and paid for palace on the coast in So. CA.

Like hearing the good news on the band. There is nothing that feels as good. I play with great players here, truly world class, but there is no togetherness, no sense of common growth or whatever that magic thing is. Looks like you got it good. I am striving for that place again."

Thank you Steve.